Blog for May, 2013

Go into Off Mode

By: Spritz  |  May 27, 2013  | 

Unwind, get away, unplug – it’s something we all want to do on a daily basis, but haven’t found the right means or excuse to justify turning our phones off and silencing the world. Now, you have. We are insanely excited to introduce the latest app for Android phones, designed and developed completely by Spritz. From creating the wireframe to design and development, Spritz remained focused on the user experience (AKA: you), ensuring that the end product was practical and easy to use. Despite the fact that we’re borderline obsessed with the technology, here’s why we think you’ll love it too. Everyone calls, texts, emails, Facebooks, or even Snapchats on their phones while driving (let’s admit it, don’t you?), yet we are all aware of how dangerous it is. We have inadvertently become hazards on the road because of our phones. Fortunately, Off Mode helps protect you from yourself by monitoring your incoming phone calls, text messages, emails etc., and putting your phone into “Off Mode,” only stopping when you do.It allows you to develop customizable responses that will be delivered as an automatic answer to incoming calls and messages- think “out of office” for your device. The beauty behind this app is that we can say goodbye to unnecessary device distractions and focus on the here and the now. Whether you’re driving, in a meeting, at the gym, or having dinner with friends, Off Mode gives you the capabilities to turn your phone off, without shutting it down. Let’s get back to living in the present, and fully enjoying the people we’re with, the concert we’re attending, or the sheer bliss of uninterrupted solitude. Let yourself go into Off Mode.

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