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Spritz Shenanigans

By: Spritz  |  July 23, 2013  | 

A team that plays together stays together, and at Spritz we take that seriously! On occasion, we need to blow off steam and mix things up to keep us energized and inspired.

Presenting… Spritz Shenanigans: A series of photos that give you a sneak peek behind the scenes with our team of passionate and zany Spritzers!

From left to right:
Angelo giving Tommy (Daniella’s son) a piggyback ride to lunch
Kaley and Liane serving as Angelo’s arm candy for a hot second
Merian getting snuggles in with a puppy we met on the way to an event
Kaley keeping it stylish with her scarf-bow in her hair
Liane, Merian and Kaley hiding out in a phone booth at a party
Team push-ups to get our blood flowing for a brainstorm (Clockwise from top left: Liane, Kaley, Shawn, Angelo)
Angelo brought grapes for everyone and got treated like a king
Kaley attempting to carry Angelo “like a bride”

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