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Happy Halloween!

By: Spritz  |  October 31, 2013  | 

Take a moment today and humor your inner child. Noodle on what you once so desperately wanted to dress up as for Halloween. Did you want to be Michael Jordan? Maybe you wanted to be Madonna? Who did you want to emulate growing up?

When the offer of being able to join the Spritz blogging team came across my desk in week 1, I pounced on the opportunity. Having a platform to discuss all things marketing while learning and growing here at Spritz SF is an invaluable tool in order to evolve into the strongest marketers, designers, media consumers, PR/ social media mavens and strategists possible. This passion for always reaching the next level is one of the reasons I am so delighted to join the Spritz team. I’ll share my story in a few more than 140 characters. My name is Martina, I am originally from the east coast and have a background in a variety of industries. Most recently I headed up the marketing department at a San Francisco local media & publishing group but I’ve dabbled in film production, and worked as an AE for a fashion designer. In mid October  I came aboard the Spritz SF team as the new Director of Partnership Marketing and couldn’t be happier.

What is partnership marketing? The very general definition of partnership marketing, also known as affinity marketing, is a targeted way of marketing products and services by linking complimentary brands. This connection can develop into lasting partnerships and strategic alliances. This makes me think about how people are “branding” themselves in 2013. Pop stars are groomed to have an image that extends across a variety of verticals. They are expected to be movie stars, fashion designers, perfumeries and politicos. Authors are bloggers and news personalities. Reality stars get endorsement deals and television is learning the value of product placement in popular TV shows.  All of these are examples of partnership marketing. We constantly see products woo complimentary events, venues and charities for access to their target audiences and vice versa. Visa is the main sponsor of the NFL (very basically) to court their audience because the two brands dovetail with similar visions and values. Naming rights are expensive for a reason. Because partnership marketing works. Two brands feed off the energy of each other and both benefit with increased exposure.  This isn’t a new concept in the marketing world.  In 1985, the legendary Lou Reed became the brand ambassador for Honda Scooters. What was born was a true life vision of a rock star, his Honda and NYC in the mid 80’s. What was remembered was Reed’s hit song and his undeniably cool air as he pitched a Honda scooter. How many guys were Lou Reed that year for Halloween?

(Check out the original commercial here, and a different spin on Lou Reed endorsing Honda by Adage.com)

Now back to my original question. Can you be Michael Jordan with out Nikes? You tell me.

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