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An Epic Marketing Plan

By: Spritz  |  January 27, 2014  | 

As February 2014 begins, so does the United States’ focus on the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. For just about two weeks, our nation will become obsessed with winter snow sports. The Polar Vortex will be welcomed with open arms as bobsledding, skating, snowboarding and of course skiing invade our daily lives. Elite American athletes will become household names and adorn Wheaties boxes as fast as they win gold medals, and forgotten sports will rise again in popularity. Children and teens of all ages will idolize Lindsay Vonn and Bode Miller for their athletic prowess and want to try skiing, snowboarding and more.

This rise in popularity of (expensive) winter sports with children between 8-12 is exactly what Vail Resorts is hoping will happen throughout the month of February. This week, the very smart and targeted resort chain announced a brand new long term marketing strategy designed to generate a brand new revenue stream: invest in their future by purchasing little Midwestern hills, revitalizing them and then target previously untapped demographics. How is this investment going to bring Vail resorts more money, you ask? Simple. Vail is investing in their future by targeting children who are not already exposed to winter sports because of both economics and location. They are capitalizing on what will essentially be ubiquitous (and free to Vail Resorts) winter sports media coverage over the next month by providing a less expensive and local option for these children to try winter sports without the initial investment. Vail Resort sees this as capturing a part of the market early, getting them interested in skiing or snowboarding, and then growing with this new generation as they grow. What is the goal for Vail (since we all know children don’t hold purchasing power)? Become the go-to vacation destination for these children once they do become heads of households and hold purchasing and decision making power.

Vail Resorts may have been planning this investment strategy for months, perhaps even years, but also smartly used targeted Marketing, PR & Media Outreach to announce this plan right as conversation and engagement around winter sports climb to a zenith. They are smartly appealing to adults by offering mid-priced winter sport vacations while investing in new demographics to continue being a leader in winter vacation destinations.

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