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A Parisian in America

By: Spritz  |  June 10, 2014  | 

With today’s global culture it is essential to generate creativity and understand consumer response in the marketing field. As a young French marketer, working at Spritz is a tremendous opportunity to learn and acquire a unique point of view on current practices in a very dynamic and evolving environment. As Europeans typically look to Americans for marketing and consumer relations inspiration, I am excited to gain a new perspective and understanding through my time at Spritz. An open workplace culture, a strong focus on collaborative work, and a great energy make the Spritz team very different from what I have experienced before.

With the increasing number of new clients and numerous networking events, ideas pop up from all sides and minds crackle – sparking innovative ideas to combat unique situations. From a French (and stereotypically “grumpy culture”) point of view, this boundless enthusiasm can be very destabilizing. Here, through their excess energy and passion, is where American’s innovation is born. A recent article, “50 American marketing trends to adopt,” approached the issue of adopting American marketing tactics in order to give French marketing managers practical and applicable ideas for their company. The conclusions echo what I am witnessing at Spritz through the diversity of their activity. The most relevant trend was the importance attributed to local enterprises and businesses’ involvement in their community, which is exactly what Spritz is all about.

For me though, their main strength does not lie in these new trends, but rather comes from a common root, this “American secret” that French firms have been trying to discover. The key is their inexhaustible positivity and entrepreneurial energy that sometimes remain a mystery in part of European culture. It seems that the wise old country has more to learn from the young fresh nation than they think.

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