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College Tour Planner

By: Spritz  |  February 27, 2015  | 

College Tour Planner

Spring break is on the horizon, and with it comes the spring college tour! As seniors wait to hear back on their college acceptances, enterprising sophomores and juniors take the opportunity to go look at prospective colleges around the nation. But planning the logistics of a college tour can be difficult, which is where College Kickstart’s new College Tour Planner comes in.

Concentrating around eight popular destinations for college tours, Boston, New York City, Syracuse, Washington DC, Chicago, Cleveland, San Francisco and Los Angeles, the trip planner will identify select schools within a 200 mile radius of your destination, sorting them by school size and campus settings.

By selecting the schools you want and adding them to your itinerary, you can access information on campus visit options, links to reservations and school visit calendars, as well as the times when school is not in session. Drag and drop your schools in the order you’d like to see them—the trip planner will automatically generate a route with estimated driving time via Google Maps, so you can add your own trip adjustments here and there.

With this tour planner, College Kickstart hopes to make students’ college tour experiences that much easier to plan and organize. Spritz is proud to be a part of College Kickstart’s growth as it continues to expand and support the needs of rising senior students. Read more about the College Tour Planner here or get started on your own trip!

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