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Create Engaging On-Site Activations

By:  |  June 12, 2017  | 

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Event activations, like samplings or demonstrations, are an incredibly effective way to raise awareness, engage with potential customers, and reinforce brand identity. But with sponsors competing for guests’ attention, how do companies stand out? Here are some tips to creating an engaging and unique on-site event activation.

  1. Align your brand with the event

Before creating any activations, find the connection between your brand and the event. Is it an industry event? Is your target audience attending? Is the event connected to a corporate cause? Understanding the relationship to the event will allow you to go beyond promoting your product or service and elaborate why your company is a valuable addition to the event as a whole.

  1. Design captivating & creative signage

Whether you’re working with a standard 6ft table or a full 10’x10’ booth, eye-catching signage will be a key factor to attracting guests’ attention. There are standard conference signs like pop-up banners, branded table linens, and pop-up tents. Or if you’re looking for something a little more fun, die-cut signs make for a great photo-op. Regardless of format, your signs should display your company logo and website. Keep the message clear and concise – don’t overload signs with text as guests typically don’t have time to read.

  1. Engage & educate

Staff should be accessible and ready to answer any questions. This means no phones on the floor and no ignoring guests. A friendly smile and simple introduction (i.e. “Hello. How are you?… Would you like to learn more about…?”) is usually enough to break the ice and get the conversation going. Come ready with talking points to convey some of your company’s top selling points. This is where Tip #1 comes in handy to communicate your brand’s objectives and benefits.

  1. Capture leads

For brands looking to grow their customer base, this may be the most important step. Turn conversations into connections, into clients. One fun and easy way to capture leads is to collect business cards in a fishbowl for an enter-to-win contest. Additionally, you can have sign-up sheets or iPads with your website’s email subscription portal.

  1. Activate & experience

Here’s where the fun really begins: brainstorm an experience that actively engages audiences. Traditional sampling is sometimes the best way for consumers to test your product. Or leave a larger impact with group activations, like a photo booth with photo props. From live screen printing to dunk tanks, there are countless options for brands to entertain. Another tip: pay attention to your competitors’ activations – it may inspire some ideas!

  1. Giveaways

Leave guests with a token to remember you by. A customary business card is the best way to share your website and professional info. This is another opportunity to get creative in a way that the premium item reminds guests of you: for example, a tourism bureau distributes luggage tags or a pet care facility gives out “poo bags”. The most important detail is that all giveaway collateral should have your company’s branding and, if applicable, contact information.

  1. Follow-up

Sending out an e-blast thanking your new contacts is a great way to stay top-of-mind after the event. Giving an exclusive offer to these attendees will incentivize them to take the first step and secure their business.

Event activations are a great opportunity to communicate a strong brand identity. At Spritz, we enjoy developing unique activations that leave potential customers feeling excited about a new brand. Making a connection makes an impact, and event activations remain one of the best ways to stand out.


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