50 Years of A San Francisco Tradition

By: Spritz  |  January 8, 2015  | 

The passing of another year holds many meanings. 2015 means a new year, new goals, and fresh ideas. For some, the passing of another year is a marker of time, and a celebration of what is to come. As it is for Scoma’s Restaurant. Scoma’s, a hallmark institution on Fisherman’s wharf at PIER 47, has truly become a San Francisco Tradition. In 2015, this iconic restaurant that is known for its fresh seafood and high quality cuisine celebrates its 50th anniversary on the Wharf!

Starting as a tiny coffee shop serving breakfast and burgers, Scoma’s has grown to be the leader it is today in sustainability, quality and has maintained its high standards of service, as exemplified through winning a number of awards from Zagat, Wine Spectator, SF Environment, Michelin, etc.

Thrilled to join and support their journey, the Spritz team is excited about this milestone and is looking forward to the celebrations that this 50th year will bring!

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