SPRITZ LLC Recognized as a 2019 Top Creative and Design Agency by Clutch.co

By:  |  May 31, 2019  | 

Spritz is a boutique marketing agency, combining interactive technologies with traditional marketing for companies looking to engage with customers, develop strategic partnerships and grow their business.

The number of small, nimble agencies only continues to grow. Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews firm, based in Washington, D.C., created a research methodology to evaluate and compare companies to one another in the technology and digital space. Clutch uses a combination of data, case studies, and client feedback (see below) to ultimately make B2B transactions more transparent.

“They’re very attentive in making everybody feel like all hands are on deck for them.” – Co-founder, LendClear

“They’re quick to change things if we want something changed. They [SPRITZ] go above and beyond.” – Founder, ACsailingSF

“I think they went above and beyond what a typical agency may do for a project of this sort.” – Co-founder and Executive Director, Kristi Yamaguchi’s Always Dream Foundation

In Clutch’s recent report on the top B2B service providers in India, SPRITZ has been named one of the leading branding agencies in India on Clutch! Our clients deserve a major shout-out. This achievement would not have been possible without their time and diligence. In fact, SPRITZ has 3 reviews on our Clutch profile, and we’re even featured on Clutch’s sister website, The Manifest, among the leading social media marketing agencies.

SPRITZ is young enough to bring innovative thinking, yet still experienced and knowledgeable of all the important digital tools. Our main mission is to create value for our clients. With our presence on Clutch.co, we can only further excel and connect with buyers who are seeking marketing services that are unique and impactful.

Don’t forget to check out our portfolio items on Clutch’s second sister website, Visual Objects. The creative and top digital marketing agencies are featured here alongside stunning visuals of their work. We’re excited to be able to showcase our projects in this format, and look forward to growing our business together with the support of our clients and Clutch!

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Clutch Announces SPRITZ LLC as a Leader in Branding & Web Design 2018

By:  |  January 17, 2019  | 

2018 has come to a close, and with the end of the year brings a period of reflection and appreciation for all that we’ve accomplished as a team at SPRITZ LLC.

We love the clients we partner with and are incredibly proud of the branding and design projects we’ve executed. We’re especially excited to announce that Clutch has included SPRITZ in their report of the leading branding and web designers on their platform in 2018.

We decided to join Clutch because we recognize the importance of our online presence as a business, and Clutch is a heavy-hitter as far as great design and branding.

In just a few short months, SPRITZ LLC skyrocketed to the top of Clutch’s ranking of the best brand consultants not only in our area, but also nationwide! It’s a very exciting moment for our team because there are thousands of companies on Clutch, ranging from app development companies, to IT services firms, to PR agencies.

Their segment for branding agencies is constantly growing and becoming more competitive, and it’s important to maintain a fully developed profile on Clutch to stand out as one of the best.

SPRITZ has years of experience in the web design realm and we were able to earn a top score from Clutch for our services, the esteemed client base we’ve developed, and the work in quality branding and web design projects we’ve delivered for our partners.

This score, along with reviews from our clients, are what have contributed to our ranking on Clutch as a top branding company and web design agency in 2018, and on The Manifest (Clutch’s sister-site) as one of the best PR firms worldwide.

The opportunity to hear directly from our clients and receive their feedback is everything to us; we are grateful all who have shared their kind comments with Clutch. Here are some examples:

“They’re very attentive in making everybody feel like all hands are on deck for them.” – Co-Founder, LendClear

“They’re quick to change things if we want something changed. They go above and beyond.” – Founder, ACsailingSF

“I think they went above and beyond what a typical agency may do for a project of this sort.” – Co-Founder & Executive Director, Kristi Yamaguchi’s Always Dream Foundation

Being a Leader on Clutch is a wonderful award to receive, but the best honor of all is getting to work with some of the best clients, helping them to boost their brand, share their message, and increase their market reach. We look forward to partnering with more firms in the new year!

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Spritz honored with ranking on Clutch’s top California B2B companies

By:  |  October 12, 2018  | 

Digital marketing has become an essential service for any business wanting to get ahead of the pack in today’s internet-dependent climate. At Spritz, we are passionate about delivering diverse services at the highest level.

We specialize in branding, strategic partnerships, event marketing, website design, social media management, and advertising. Our team is passionate, and will go the extra mile to bring your vision, product, service, or event to the next level.

Clutch, a company that publishes unbiased reviews of B2B companies from past clients, contacted some of our esteemed client base to measure how we performed.

We are proud to announce that we have been featured as one of Clutch’s top California B2B companies, specifically in the web design industry.

Here are some of our favorite reviews as reported by Clutch:

“They’re very attentive in making everybody feel like all hands are on deck for them.”

“I think they went above and beyond what a typical agency may do for a project of this sort.”

“They’re quick to change things if we want something changed. They [SPRITZ] go above and beyond.”

In addition to our mention on Clutch, we were also featured on their sister-site, The Manifest as one of their Top 50 Digital Agencies in San Francisco.

Digital marketing is a growing industry that every business should have an understanding in. Forbes published an article titled, Why Everyone Needs A Digital Marketing Plan, if you need more convincing.

At Spritz, we are committed to every client that comes through our doors. We pride ourselves on adopting best practices for our client’s businesses as landscapes, tools, and social media change.

We are humbled and grateful that our team’s hard work has been recognized by a service as respected and reliable as Clutch, and look forward to more positive reviews and continued business.

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The Influence of Culture on Design

By:  |  May 16, 2018  | 

In this moment, we are probably less connected than we will be tomorrow, but a lot more connected than yesterday. To clarify: a milestone in the history of human connectivity was recently reached- people with internet access now make up the majority of the world’s population.

This means that anyone can now freely access any type of information, and anybody can see and find the logotypes, digital ads, and websites that we create. But with more than half of the planet online, how do designers make sure that the people who access their work will understand the messaging, even if they are influenced by a different culture?

Graphic design around the world has similarities. Colors, text, images, and symbols are usually included and commonly used by designers worldwide. However, an American designer would not understand a design the same way a Middle Eastern or Japanese designer would.

So how does one’s perspective of a specific culture influence design, and how we can make sure that we express the right message within the design we’ve created? For instance, almost every human-being on the planet sees colors the same way, but culturally-specific markers can affect symbolism in colors, and change the context of the message and brand perception.

Cultural influence can be seen during important events like weddings or funerals: in swathes of Asia, dark red symbolizes prosperity and is commonly used in marriage ceremonies, whereas white is used during funerals and mourning. Religious culture can also influence how color is categorized. For example, in Judaism, blue and white symbolize heaven and earth. Middle Eastern countries also consider the color blue to be a protective color, therefore front doors are often blue to ward off evil spirits. In Hinduism, blue or dark blue is linked to the powerful good divinity Krishna. 

A working example of how context changes connotation can be seen in Europe and the U.S., where green often symbolizes health and implies sustainability. Pharmacies and medical services in Europe are marked by a green cross, a symbol that in the U.S., is more likely to mark the location of a cannabis dispensary. Instead, red crosses are used for medical institutions. Red and green in particular tend to have some cross over; for example, McDonald’s in Europe use green as the primary accent color to imply a connection to healthiness, rather than the red it has remained in the U.S.

Storytelling can also be strongly affected but local context, with or without typesetting. Based upon local linguistic cues, a particular audience might be more inclined to read from top to bottom, right to left, rather than left to right, affecting the considerations that must be observed during the design process. The shape of linguistic units, whether using the Western alphabet or say, Hangeul, can also drastically affect the ways in which text is set or leveraged in design, both to add symbolic significance, and as a geometric shape.

In such a setting, conveying messages through symmetrical, neutral iconography may seem like a good option, however, even the body language cues and symbols that one takes for granted may mean something completely different across the globe. For example, in the U.S., pinching the thumb and index finger together in a circular shape with the other three fingers extended commonly signals “O.K.”, but in Japan, that same circular shape stands for “Money”, the shape of a coin.

There are large implications to be drawn: for one, designs are not universally understood the same way, and detailed ethnographic and market research into a target audience may be ideal to draw an accurate bead of what sort of design approach would best suit local demographics. Symbols and visual interpretation are also deeply intertwined with historical and sociocultural currents, including matters that may require more subtle handling. However, returning to the fact that the majority people now have access to the Internet brings up the question of how globalized design currently is, and what that means in terms of a possible standardization, or international standard of design, especially with design history and all sorts of design styles now more accessible and easily circulated than ever. Culture impacts design, but design also affects the perception and development of culture.

The Guardian
We Are Social
Nicte Creative Design
Design Nation

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Why Visuals Strategy is Social Media Strategy

By:  |  April 4, 2018  | 

These incredible stats show that we are completely surrounded by information on social media. We can therefore guess that this explains why the average customer’s attention span went down from 12 seconds in 2000, to only 8 seconds in 2017, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. That is officially less than the attention span of a goldfish (9 seconds).

Knowing this fact, half of you probably left this blog post already. But let’s keep going.

Why is it so important to have visual content when posting on social media?

First of all,  40% of nerve fibers to the brain are connected to the retina, and it takes us only 0.25 seconds to process visual content, compared to the time it takes for the brain to process text-based or verbal information.

But isn’t text actually visual content? Not exactly – text is like a lot of little images, that’s why it is faster for our brain to process “real” visuals like images or videos than text.

Some sources even suggest that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text! Besides, eye-tracking studies show internet readers pay close attention to information-carrying images. In fact, when the images are relevant, readers spend more time looking at the images than they do reading text on the page.

Not convinced? Well, I guess you didn’t even see the word “cat” added in the pizza recipe above. This is simply because your brain focused only on the image since it is easier and faster to process, and barely on the text.

Since visuals are easier to process for the brain and we allocate only a few seconds for each piece of information, it is logical to use systematically visual content when posting on social media.

The facts below show why including visual content in your social media strategy is essential:

  • Facebook posts with images see 2.3x more engagement than those without images
  • Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweet without images
  • People remember only 10% of information heard 3 days ago, but retain 65% of the same information when it is paired with a relevant image
  • 4x as many consumers prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it

Bottom line, the best practice when posting on social media is to publish visual content as much as possible instead of text only, as long as the visual is of course relevant.

Ideally, custom images or videos should be created for each post. For example, infographics are a great way to create custom content. Infographics are “liked” and shared on social media 3X more than other any other type of content! Utilizing custom created visual content is a great way to present any kind of information. It is also a good solution to bypass the word count limits for Facebook Ads or Twitter.


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