Mobile Media Summit #MMSSF15

By: Spritz  |  February 4, 2015  | 

Last Monday, we attended the Mobile Media Summit #MMSSF15, an all-day conference led by today’s industry leaders who focused on marketing tactics in the mobile world. With an increasingly mobile-driven environment, mobile marketing has become the forefront of much debate and consideration, most of which remains in the seemingly endless “exploratory” phase. Here are a few takeaways from #MMSSF15:

1) People increasingly spend more time on their mobile device than anywhere other device, averaging 150 touch points per day.

What this means: Marketing efforts must be tailored to mobile first. However, this does not mean you are encouraged to blast everything out via mobile device. Your audience reacts differently on mobile than on desktop; they are much less tolerant of advertising, prompting marketers to get more creative than they have in recorded history.

2) Make your ad dollars count

What this means: Get to know your audience. We have 8 seconds to convert a user before we lose them, so it’s crucial that we tailor our content to align with their interests. For example, if 56% of your audience drives mini vans, tailor your creative material to reflect that behavior: show an advertisement with a mini van for maximum impact. It is through this integrated marketing campaign strategy that we discover the most effective way to attract customers.

3) Make things mobile

What this means: Standardize your creative. If you start with mobile, it’s much easier to adjust your creative to scale up, than to scale back. It’s high time we start thinking of mobile as an “and” instead of an “or” to create effective campaigns. In this way, we’ve changed the way we market to fit consumer needs, as opposed to hoping consumer behavior will follow. Fun takeaway: mobile video views are on the rise, showing higher conversion rates.

4) Measuring is a mystery

What this means: Looking for sheer disappointment? Look no further, folks. We’re sitting at the intersection of digital and traditional media, with no trusted sources for mobile metrics. The important key here is to find a way to go beyond the click-through rate, and find a way to measure the impact of the campaign on offline behavior. How you ask? Sadly, it still remains a mystery. Until then, we proudly track click-through traffic, customer conversion rate, and wave our circulation and impression flags high.

5) Be engaging

What this means: Don’t put information out there that you, yourself, wouldn’t want to read. Find ways to relate to your target demographic, and upon understanding their behavior, compose a message that begs for interaction. Above all, get creative, and have fun!

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The Exciting Launch of College Kickstart 2015

By: Spritz  |  January 21, 2015  | 

College Kickstart

Having worked with College Kickstart to push their social media and outreach initiatives, Spritz has been excited about the opportunity to ease the grueling college application process that so many friends and family have been through. As such, we’re delighted to announce that College Kickstart 2015 is ready for takeoff!

This new edition introduces new filters for the MixFixer widget, allowing users to search for nonbinding early action programs, need-blind admissions, automatic consideration for merit scholarships, and more. Schools with multiple priority dates and rolling admission are also now included in the early Admission and Action Plan sections.

College Kickstart 2015 also has an additional price package, Plus Edition, which supports 6-20 schools from an enhanced database of 400+ educational institutions, and insight into 150+ schools within univiersties for $70 per application cycle. Standard Edition supports 6-12 schools from a database of 250+ top US colleges and universities for $50 per application cycle.

We are proud to support and continue to bolster College Kickstart in its journey to improve the college application experience. Learn more about College Kickstart’s capabilities and register here.

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50 Years of A San Francisco Tradition

By: Spritz  |  January 8, 2015  | 

The passing of another year holds many meanings. 2015 means a new year, new goals, and fresh ideas. For some, the passing of another year is a marker of time, and a celebration of what is to come. As it is for Scoma’s Restaurant. Scoma’s, a hallmark institution on Fisherman’s wharf at PIER 47, has truly become a San Francisco Tradition. In 2015, this iconic restaurant that is known for its fresh seafood and high quality cuisine celebrates its 50th anniversary on the Wharf!

Starting as a tiny coffee shop serving breakfast and burgers, Scoma’s has grown to be the leader it is today in sustainability, quality and has maintained its high standards of service, as exemplified through winning a number of awards from Zagat, Wine Spectator, SF Environment, Michelin, etc.

Thrilled to join and support their journey, the Spritz team is excited about this milestone and is looking forward to the celebrations that this 50th year will bring!

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A Marvelous Cave Dinner by the Sonoma International Film Festival

By: Spritz  |  December 22, 2014  | 

On Friday, December 5th, the Spritz team kicked off celebrating the Holidays with a stunning cave dinner at the Benziger Winery in Glen Ellen, organized by the Sonoma International Film Festival.

The evening started with a Benziger wine and appetizers reception in the wooden barn, accompanied by Swedish traditional Christmas songs performed by a young girls choir, the Swedish Lucia Maidens. Throughout the reception, invitees had the chance to win amazing raffle prizes like bottles of fine wine, along with wine glasses, robes and more.

The 100 guests were then invited to move towards the Benziger wine cave where gift bags from Celebrity Cruises awaited them. The Sonoma International Film Festival created an intimate and warm atmosphere where guests were invited to relax and enjoy an elegant four-course dinner. To ignite the guests’ taste buds, Smoke Open Fire Cooking prepared a delicious Black Truffle Emulsion along with Liberty Duck Carnitas with Poblano Mole.

In the festive atmosphere, everyone enjoyed listening to the Valley of the Moon Chamber Ensemble, as they sung traditional Christmas carols.

The one-of-its-kind evening concluded on a delightful walnut chocolate and pumpkin bread pudding, with salted caramel and cinnamon ice cream.

The evening was a complete success, and we are looking forward the 2015 Annual Sonoma International Film Festival to enjoy more local fine food and wine, with the unique entertainment that is a signature mark of the Festival.

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2015 Facebook Trends

By: Spritz  |  December 12, 2014  | 

As 2014 is coming to a close, let’s have a look at some of the 2015 hot trends for one of the key-players in the social media landscape: Facebook.

In Q3, the company increased its earnings by 64 percent compared to the previous year and has added more than 100 million monthly active users in the last year.

Here’s what we’re advising our clients at Spritz for their 2015 Facebook marketing strategies:

1. Social Media Advertising Will be King
In 2015, paid content will become essential in your social media strategy. Facebook will push advertising and limit organic reach and the number of posts your fans see in their newsfeed. We’ve already seen this change in 2014, but anticipate this trend to continue to progress, pushing ad pricing on Facebook to similarly increase. As Twitter has yet to push advertising as forcefully as Facebook, we recommend taking advantage of the relatively low ad prices on Twitter now to test and determine what campaigns work the best for your business.

2. Facebook “Buy Button”, the Next Big Thing
Like Twitter, Facebook tested “buy buttons” this year, that appear in timelines and allow users to make purchases in one click directly through the network. Expect e-commerce and social media integrations to deepen in 2015.

3. Optimizing your posts for the best visibility

· High Quality Images

Using high quality images is crucial in social media and will improve your posts’ visibility on Facebook users’ newsfeeds. Check out this article on MarketingLand to create your perfect link image on Facebook.

· Native Links

Use native links! Facebook gives preferential exposure to links posted directly through Facebook, as opposed to a link accompanied by a photo upload. Why? Facebook cited a survey where 80 percent of participants preferred headlines that helped them decide if they wanted to read the full article before clicking through.

· Content Sharing

Content Marketing is still a hot trend in the digital marketing industry. 70% of consumers say they prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than ads, according to NewsCred. Don’t hesitate to share your content on Facebook and make sure you remain consistent with the type of content you share. It should be meaningful, unique and interesting so followers quickly understand the key points and share it. The faster people engage with the post (comment, share, like, click), the more Facebook will promote it and give it visibility. Note that more priority is given to older posts based on how frequently people have engaged with the post.

4. Sharing Videos
With auto play and micro videos, Facebook will give more weight to videos and challenge YouTube (it had more video views than YouTube this year). Here’s a great tool to use to help you in your video creation process on a budget: Animoto, an online and mobile video creation solution that is affordable and easy to use.

Happy Digital Marketing!

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