A “Pretty-Woman” Sunday

By: Spritz  |  October 17, 2013  | 

We’ve all seen Julia Robert’s famous movie “Pretty Woman” (yes, a throwback to the 90s), and most importantly, recognize her polka-dotted dress and her deep cheer of “Woo Woo Woo” at the Polo Match with Richard Gere. That’s about as close to Polo as the Spritz team had been, prior to spending our Sunday, at the Polo for Lyme Benefit in Atherton.

While there were no polka-dotted brown dresses (actually, we spotted one – no pun intended), and certainly no Richard Gere (rather upsetting if you ask me), the day was filled with sunshine, extravagant attire, and tons of fun.

We entered the polo grounds to find the entryway blanketed with red carpet, accented by Maseratis, a subtle hint of the event’s grandeur. The women arrived, draped in their finest attire topped with glamorous hats, making Jan Wahl (the Bay’s own Hat Extraordinaire) proud.

Giddy with glee, fashionistas, foodies and sports fans convened around the fields, cheering on their Polo Teams. Truth be told, I can’t be sure if it was the sport itself (after 3 hours of watching, the only rule I picked up on was “don’t fall off of the galloping horse”), or the flowing Laughing Glass Cocktails that created such a buzz (again, no pun intended- but really, who doesn’t love puns?). With mounting excitement, the auction items flew off of the shelf, including a Maserati weekend package & a private charter boating experience on the 2003 America’s Cup Challenger, USA 76. To top off the day, Pride & Joy rocked the house with timeless hits.

Aside from the glitz and glamour, it was amazing to actively participate in such a great cause. Out of the 560+ guests, over half were had a close friend or family member who suffered with the disease, or were afflicted themselves. Imagine spending the day with 560 + people who are equally passionate and excited about fighting for the same cause! There was something surreal about the whole experience. I guess passion and polo aren’t just for the movies.

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