Branding &
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Branding & Creative Design

The key components of a brand are more than just a logo, tagline or color palette. Branding involves taking a company and differentiating its service or product and value proposition by creating an entirely unique identity. This identity is what acts as a point of differentiation from competitors and turns the brand into a valued resource to attract customer loyalty and remain at the forefront of their minds.

Just Add Spritz

We value compelling brand stories and love creating and sharing them. To start, we work with you to understand your brand’s mission and vision. From there, we identify your target audiences and their values to effectively tailor messaging that focuses on their motivations and preferences. By immersing ourselves in each of our clients’ brands, we understand what makes them unique and are able to reflect this through visual brand identity, tone of voice, choice of target media, and cause alignment.

Our in-house design team will bring your brand to life with rebranded logos, color palettes, and the production of unique marketing collaterals. We develop a wide range of digital materials such as email newsletters, infographics, social media imagery, digital ads and landing pages as well as marketing collaterals such as brochures, print advertisements, signage and more.