Introduction and background:

In today’s digital age, where cloud integration and seamless connectivity are the norm, creating a mobile app with a standalone CRM system from the 1990s presents a unique challenge. However, at Spritz, we thrive on embracing challenges head-on. Our team of experts specializes in analyzing and understanding the limitations and possibilities of legacy CRM systems. With careful analysis and innovative thinking, we create bridges connecting these outdated systems with modern APIs, enabling seamless integration with mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms.

Understanding the Challenge:

We tackled this challenge with Bayside Pet Resort, a leading pet hotel with multiple locations in Florida. The resort recognized the need to modernize their operations and cater to the evolving demands of their tech-savvy clientele and asked Spritz to create a solution—how would we develop a mobile fix that would streamline their processes and enhance client connectivity, replacing traditional phone calls and in-person visits.

Crafting the Solution:

Our team delved deep into the intricacies of Bayside Pet Resort’s legacy CRM system, carefully analyzing its code, structure, and functionalities. Leveraging our extensive experience, we designed a robust architecture bridging the gap between the outdated CRM system and modern mobile apps. The key objective was to provide a seamless user experience for the pet owners and the resort staff.

Integrating with Modern APIs:

Spritz developed a mobile app that seamlessly integrated with various software applications and APIs. By leveraging the power of modern technology, we enabled clients to manage reservations, book services, and communicate with the resort directly from their smartphones. This shift to a mobile platform provided convenience and flexibility for the pet owners and reduced the stress on the front desk and call center, leading to improved overall efficiency.

Results and Impact:

With the Spritz solution, Bayside Pet Resort witnessed a significant increase in client reservations. The seamless integration of the mobile app with the legacy CRM system empowered pet owners to access the resort’s services at their convenience, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. The streamlined operations also benefited the resort’s staff, who experienced a reduced administrative workload and improved efficiency.


Creating a mobile app with a standalone CRM system from the ’90s, lacking cloud integration capabilities, may seem insurmountable. However, at Spritz, we thrive on turning challenges into opportunities. Through careful analysis, innovative thinking, and the creation of bridge software, we enable businesses to modernize their operations and provide enhanced user experiences. The success story of Bayside Pet Resort stands as a testament to our expertise in overcoming obstacles and delivering tailored solutions that drive growth and efficiency.