Presenting a Bespoke B2B Packaging Concept

Spritz Skills

Brand Audit  |  Rebranding  |  Web Design & Development  |  Logo Design  |  Collateral

The Client

An innovative project-oriented, full-service B2B online marketplace for tailor-made packaging solutions, logistics, and shipping.

The Intriguing Challenge

To clearly demonstrate the capabilities of a specialized global packaging business; to
show how customized options fit into a product’s look, feel and delivery; and to
organically reach a B2B niche target audience.

Our Solutions

We created an online marketplace to demonstrate the full-service white labeling solution:
sourcing, packaging, logistics, fulfillment to include an e-commerce capability. A brand audit
and rebranding generated a new logo, tagline, font, color scheme and multi-platform website
to project the overall feel, emphasizing JSP’s high quality through a sleek and fashionable,
image-focused presentation. Complementary JSP collateral created by our team included
custom-designed business cards, wallet-sized pocket brochure in a leather presentation.