Generating Niche B2B Interest

Spritz Skills

Digital Design  |  B2B Customer Engagement  |  Digital Marketing and Social Media

The Client

The leading online marketplace for real estate investing.

Here’s the Challenge

Directly on the heels of the launch, develop creative ways to acquire, engage and convert prospects, investors and sponsors.

Spritz Solutions

To interpret, educate and engage the RealtyShares concept for new audiences, we designed
sharp infographics. For broader reach, we introduced a broad strategy encompassing content
marketing via newsletters, social media, digital, print, podcast sponsorships and radio
campaigns. In Phase Two, events and conferences fueled growth through networking and activations.

Great Results

Our RealtyShares infographic was featured in Forbes magazine (12/18/2014). Social media channels saw considerable growth and traction for both paid and organic, earning us a 2016 NREI/IMN Commercial Real Estate Award in social media. Over a 14-month period, the campaign increased Facebook fans by 533%; Twitter by 156%; LinkedIn by 54%. In a 30-day period, Facebook achieved 145,829 impressions; Twitter realized 67,000+.