Emphasizing Relationships in Business

By: Spritz  |  May 2, 2013  | 

My time as a part of the Spritz family has been nothing short of an enormous learning experience. In such a fast-paced world, where people and companies tend to focus solely on markets and dollar value, Spritz transcends the norm, shattering expectations and emphasizing relationships. With such a concentration on personal touch, we put our clients’ needs at the forefront of imagination, providing utmost support with strong collaboration, concentration and creation to produce the best final product.

Without a doubt, the high-level of personalized service that we offer is what separates us from our counterparts. We don’t merely produce material, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure that we are meeting their needs every step of the way. Beyond meeting and exceeding client needs, however, the core of what makes us special, are the relationships we form along the way. We humanize ourselves, meeting with our clients and understanding what makes them unique before launching any marketing initiative. We want to know if you’re left-handed, if you prefer cauliflower to broccoli, or dogs to cats. While this level of minutia seems merely that, it allows us to get a sneak peak of what you find important, and helps us accentuate and portray your personality and goals through your campaign design. In my mind, this is the mark of a truly remarkable business.

It is an honor to work side-by-side with people who are so intent on providing this personal element missing from so many companies today. It’s a refreshing taste of human compassion and understanding that makes each day new and exciting. A great business goes beyond monetary value, and focuses on the relationships and core values that each individual person embodies.

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Spritz at the Sonoma International Film Festival (April 10-14, 2013)

By: Spritz  |  April 30, 2013  | 

After months of hard work and collaboration leading up to the Sonoma International Film Festival, our team finally ventured to beautiful Sonoma to enjoy this weeklong event. The weather was absolutely lovely, with warm afternoons and cool breezes to accompany wine tastings and strolls on Sonoma’s historic plaza. With more than 90 films to choose from over the span of 5 days, we were spoiled for choice.

One of the standout films of the festival was Bitter Seeds, an award-winning documentary about the farmer suicide epidemic afflicting rural farming communities all over India due to the oligarchy of expensive genetically modified seeds by an American company. Our co-founder Raghu was invited to introduce the film at both screenings; having been born in Bangalore, the subject of this film hit close to home. It was a deeply moving documentary with incendiary revelations that left viewers hungry to help. Thankfully, the filmmaker, Micha X. Peled was present to take questions after each screening. Bitter Seeds is the third documentary of the Globalization Trilogy by Peled.

Another highlight of the festival was the Secret Disco LGBT Party on Saturday night hosted by media sponsor dot429, in partnership with Out in the Vineyard. This party was designed to keep with the theme of one of the LGBT features, Secret Disco Revolution. When 7p.m. rolled around, The Backlot Tent filled with partygoers, and to our delight, people were arriving decked out in 70s garb, even though the invitation hadn’t requested guests to dress in costumes. Fluffy Afro wigs, sequined suits and retro tie-dyed accessories were proudly on display; some disco-era enthusiasts even rolled around the party on rollers skates! It was truly a spectacle to behold. Cocktails flowed freely from hospitality sponsor Shellback Rum, while the disco ball overhead twinkled to the beats of classics like Abba, The BeeGees and of course, Michael Jackson. Not to be left behind, our team joined in the fun and boogied the night away.

After an unforgettable week in Sonoma with the ever-hospitable festival committee, we are counting the days until next year’s 17th Annual Sonoma International Film Festival in April 2014.

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Putting Print Into Practice

By: Spritz  |  April 19, 2013  | 

I am extremely excited to be the newest member of the Spritz team, bringing with me a background in print and production. Printing is something that, while commonly underrated, is an art form in and of itself and is constantly in use. Whether it is with business cards, brochures, invitations, or posters, every business utilizes printed materials in combination with eye-catching designs. Having exited the printing industry, and stepped head-first into the marketing realm, this realization has become more prevalent than ever.

Merely one week in to my new position, my passion for print has presented numerous opportunities to guide clients in exciting directions, finding ways that best support and represent their brand with print. From conception to completion, we facilitate interactions between our clients and production, ensuring perfection and exceeding satisfaction in every step of the process. In a digital age, we sometimes need to look back at seemingly ancient practices in order to achieve the most stunning and effective outcome.

I am ecstatic to be a part of the Spritz team; to be a resource for my team and our clients with print-related materials, something I have developed a passion for, is an absolute joy.

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The Fifth P of Marketing

By: Spritz  |  March 12, 2013  | 

My fascinating journey with Spritz Marketing over the past 12 months has made me identify a crucial ingredient missing in the marketing mix. Without it a marketing campaign is just a collection of facts and decisions. Without it a marketing program has neither flavor nor heart. Without it a marketing mix is well…just a mix.

Yes, Product, Price, Place and Promotion are all important components of any given marketing program. However, when you lay them out together, you get nothing more than a crowded spreadsheet filled with facts.

Consumers’ purchasing habits are influenced by so much more than quantitative data. We all develop short-term or long-term relationships with brands. We may fall in love, remain loyal for years, get disappointed, cheat on our favorite brand and sometimes re-discover it, falling in love all over again. These patterns may have something to do with price trends or product features, but more often than not they have more to do with pure feelings – how a particular product or brand makes us feel about ourselves, about our lives, about our choices.

Marketers can do a reasonable job implementing strategies based on data and methodological analysis. But excellent marketing strategies have a heart and soul. They have another driving force – the Fifth P, which should really be named the First of them all. They have Passion.

When I look at the work we do here at Spritz Marketing everyday, I see Passion everywhere I look. I see it when we talk about our clients. I see it when we jump for joy whenever we secure more media coverage or a partnership deal for our client. I see it when we attend an event and tell everyone we meet about our Film Festival client and why they absolutely have to be there. I see it when we hand out gift cards for our online restaurant delivery client as if they were a winning lottery ticket.
I see Passion in everything we do, and that’s what makes our work stand out. That’s what makes our team so special and that’s what makes me come to work inspired and yes, passionate about yet another day at the office.
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An Exciting Announcement

By: Spritz  |  February 7, 2013  | 

We are proud to announce that our co-founder Beth Schnitzer has transitioned to serve full-time as President of Spritz Interactive Marketing, leaving behind a stellar 12-year legacy at PIER 39 as Vice President of Strategic Alliances. This is a milestone for Spritz, as we have eagerly anticipated the growth this will bring!

In the last 15+ years, Beth has enjoyed great success in managing and developing successful corporate sponsorships, strategic integrated partnerships, promotions and alliances for a variety of illustrious brands and companies in the sports, hospitality and entertainment sectors.

A proud resident of San Francisco, Beth deeply values her close connections to an expansive local network. She is actively committed to serving the San Francisco community through philanthropic and humanitarian fundraising events, and serves on the Board of the Richmond Ermet Aids Foundation (REAF), Advisory Council for Dress for Success, and the American Red Cross among many other organizations.

Our team at Spritz is truly thrilled and grateful for all the support, encouragement and kind words from our friends, partners, and peers in the industry. Here’s to an exciting 2013!

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