The Influence of Culture on Design

In this moment, we are probably less connected than we will be tomorrow, but a lot more connected than yesterday. To clarify: a milestone in the history of human connectivity was recently reached- people with internet access now make up […]

Why Visuals Strategy is Social Media Strategy

These incredible stats show that we are completely surrounded by information on social media. We can therefore guess that this explains why the average customer’s attention span went down from 12 seconds in 2000, to only 8 seconds in 2017, […]

The Digital Acceleration of Design

Marketers are intimately aware that their audience is increasingly of a visual, on-demand nature. Video, mobile, and experiential marketing are all on the rise, for many of the same reasons – the emergence of social media, personal live broadcast platforms, […]

Getting the Most From Your Agency Inquiries

Not all agencies are created equal, just as all clients have different needs, and the best fit comes about when an agency and their culture fits the need of their client. But how does a client know what they need, […]

Marketing for Holidays

The last quarter of the calendar year is a hectic, yet very profitable time for businesses. Marketing efforts are amplified to align with the holiday season. And while this is a very exciting time, it can also be difficult to […]

Making the Case for (Re)Branding

Brand strategy is one of the cornerstones for successful marketing as it clearly defines a business’ voice, personality, and visual identity. Branding, particularly the logo, is a visual shorthand for the what the company represents and does for its customers. […]