How to Avoid Website Conversations Nobody Wants to Have

Have you ever heard a comment like this? “I’m still not seeing the edits you say you made on our website.” Perhaps you’ve faced this situation, too? As a small business owner, web manager, or a consultant, this must be among the most common and frustrating situations. Why? Because it may be an update that’s required urgently. You know the work has been done, the site has been updated, but… your client or customer cannot see it.

Digitally Compliant: Making Website Design Accessible to All

It may be confusing to hear the word “accessibility” used when discussing websites— rather than wheelchairs or guide dogs for the blind. Importantly, in the broadest sense, accessibility applies to the online world as well as the physical world. Website accessibility enhances your digital presence for everyone.

Why Build a New and Improved Website Now?

Your website is one of 1.8 billion, so the question is…how to stand out? In fact, by the time you finish reading this article, more websites have been launched. Some of them represent competition. SEO is a combination of many on-site and off-site factors. Think of SEO as someone you know— the individual’s personal brand presents as clothing, posture, grooming and more.

Show, Don’t Tell: Use Infographics

The human brain is a funny thing. And how it absorbs information can be appreciated by everybody, from ancient philosophers to advanced psychology students to the casual blog reader.  Concepts represented visually are an important step in relaying information—especially with […]

Color Choice is Essential in Branding

Color is powerful. It’s a fundamental non-verbal tool that heightens brand recognition and substantially influences purchasing decisions about a product or a service. Culturally-speaking, people associate colors with different emotions, and emotional connection is what successful branding is all about.